Save the trees! Sign up for Rainforest Alliance's 30-Day Sustainability Challenge

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Get simple but powerful personal actions delivered to your inbox every 3 days; 30 actions in all – are you up to the challenge?

The Rainforest Alliance is celebrating it's 30th birthday with a challenge for you: Help fight to save the planet's forests. Since they started out in 1987, the organization's programs have trained more than 1.4 million people in earth-friendly land-management practices, resulting in more than 49 million hectares of farm and forestlands under sustainable management in 70 countries. The least we can do is offer a helping hand!

And they've made it simple. The Follow the Frog 30-Day Sustainability Challenge campaign is designed to bring attention to some of the pressing issues our beautiful blue orb is facing, things like climate change, water, food security and deforestation.

Over the course of 30 days, you will receive an email every three days with suggested steps you can take to make a difference. In total, challenge-takers will receive 30 ideas – and beyond the basics, the challenges are smart and interesting and sure to be effective. I signed up today and received information about (spoiler alert!) a browser extension that uses ad revenue to support tree-planting programs as well as how to volunteer for local tree-planting programs, among other things. Good stuff!

At the end of the challenge, participants will receive a "treat" ... which is described as a small reward for all your hard work. (Though helping the trees is reward enough for me.) Plus, if you sign up by February 12th and open all of the 10 emails, you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a treasure trove of Rainforest Alliance Certified goodies. The trees and forests do so much for us, we owe them some love in return.

For more information and to take the challenge, go to

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