Presidents' Day Survey: Who Is The Greenest President?

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The results are often surprising.

Happy Presidents Day! It's our not-quite annual poll, to take the temper of the times. When we first did this a decade ago, it was the most popular poll ever on TreeHugger, with thousands and thousands of votes for then sitting President George W. Bush. The comments were so politicized and so upper case: "BUSH WAS RIGHT ON EVERY BILL HE PASSED AND VETOED. HE IS PERFECTION ITSELF. I LOVE HIM. IN A MANLY WAY." I am so relieved that we now live in more civil and polite times where people don't live in their own bubbles and scream at each other.

We have not included the current sitting President in this poll because, well, because the last time we did the results were so politicized.

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