Learn about the advances and setbacks around protecting our oceans, waterways, forests, and wildlife.
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organic farmer hoeing plants
Why Land Use Is Such an Important Issue for Our Times
Fast Speedboat
What Do Riverkeepers Do? History and Environmental Policy
winning dead lawn in Gotland, Sweden
To Save Water, Gotland Challenged Residents to 'Ugliest Lawn' Competition
Chris Packham and Jamal Edwards
British Royal Family Urged to Rewild Sprawling Estates
Striking Bird Photos Highlight Importance of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act
Lush green valley flanked by mountains in Bhutan
10 Countries and Territories With the Most Protected Land
Lush storefront
Lush Cosmetics Reminds Us That 'Pollinators Make It Possible'
How Many Trees Are There in the World?
deforestation in Brazilian Amazon
What Works to Combat Global Deforestation?
Alexandra Narvaez on patrol
These Are the Impressive Winners of the 2022 Goldman Environmental Prize
The Dark Hedges is a famous tunnel of beech trees leading to a Georgian mansion in Northern Ireland.
10 Beautifully Surreal Forests Fit for a Fairy Tale
Lake in the background, words "Mother Earth" in the foreground
Let’s Give Mother Earth a Hand
Stonehenge, aerial view, with sunrise
Conservation Officials to Revert Land Near Stonehenge to Natural State
Best Solar Panel Loans
The 5 Best Solar Panel Loans
Tourist on a rock admiring Gljufrabui waterfall, Iceland
17 Environmentalists You Should Know
Cover of book showing a school of fish on an illustrated marine background
You Could Win a Copy of Sylvia Earle's Latest Book, 'Ocean: A Global Odyssey'
Various species of fish swimming around a colorful coral
Saving the Coral Reefs: 9 Innovations in Coral Reef Restoration
Hot steaming water running from a kitchen faucet
Will a 'Water-Saving' Hot Water Recirculation Pump Save Money?
A boat cuts a path through Arctic sea ice on a sunny day.
Understanding Arctic Oil Drilling: The History, Consequences, and Outlook
A human hand holding a globe
What Is Anthropocentrism? Definition, Roots, and Environmental Implications
guy with backpack pauses on outdoor hike to look at mountain vista
The 7 "Leave No Trace" Principles of Outdoor Ethics
Michael Yellowlees and dog Luna at Cape Spear in Newfoundland
Scottish Man Completes Walk Across Canada to Raise Money for Rewilding Efforts
A closeup of Manoomin branch with wild rice growing from it.
Wild Rice Sues Minnesota in 'Rights of Nature' Case to Stop Pipeline
Balmoral Castle Estate
Why Rewilding and Land Reform Are Deeply Connected Topics
Aerial View of Rainforest in Brazil
Facebook Moves to Stop Illegal Sale of Amazon Rainforest on Marketplace
wildflowers and wind turbines
Businesses Urge World Leaders to Do More on Biodiversity
birders in Scotland
Half a Million Acres of the Scottish Highlands Will Be Rewilded
Photo shows a stream less than a mile away from Champion Creek that has not had grazing pressure.
Environmental Group Wins 20-Year Idaho Lease to Protect Landscape From Livestock Grazing
St Andrews university
University Makes Wildflower Meadows to Boost Biodiversity
An aerial view of a wetland constructed in an urban area.
What Are Constructed Wetlands? Overview and Benefits
tree planting in Milan
Milan's Urban Forestry and Greening Project
Close-Up Of Tree Stump In Forest
A Climate-Conscious Arborist Who Refuses to Cut Down Trees
Meet the Beautiful, Remarkable Tree That Survived 9/11
overgrown graveyard
Burial Places Can Boost Biodiversity, Restore Ecosystems
Rachel Carson Documentary Exposes Author's Heartbreak and Passion
The Solution to Plastic Pollution Isn't Beach Clean-Ups, It's Companies Taking Responsibility
placeholder image
Is There Any True Wilderness Left?
More Trees Than There Were 100 Years Ago? It's True!
Polar Bear, Repulse Bay, Nunavut, Canada
What Is a Flagship Species? Examples and Role in Conservation
The crooked canal flows through the Kukri Mukri mangrove
A Mangrove in Bangladesh Offers Villagers Natural Disaster Protection
A modern desalination plant on the shores of the Arabian Gulf in Dubai.
What Is Desalination? How Does It Impact the Environment?
A person holding up a fishing net with fish attached.
What Is Bycatch and How Does It Affect Marine Life?
Amazon rainforest
Tropical Rainforest Vulnerability Index May Help Conserve Them
Wolf in Yellowstone
What Is Rewilding and Can It Restore Our Ecosystems?
Close up of mascarene or Echo Parakeet.
Zoos and Endangered Species Conservation
Assortment of plants in a showroom
Is Your Plant Addiction Environmentally Friendly?
A small stream cascades over moss-covered rocks in a forest of ferns
12 Temperate Rainforests Around the World
Tuvalu in Oceania
14 Islands Threatened by Climate Change
View of an underwater seascape and marine life
Do Marine Protected Areas Work?
Feeding On Algae
What Is Island Tameness? Definition and Examples
Women walking through a forest-like area.
Africa’s Great Green Wall to Add 5,000-Acre ‘Olympic Forest’
British Columbia old growth forest
Mark Ruffalo Backs Protestors Protecting Old-Growth Forests in British Columbia
Close up of a pink axolotl on a piece of wood.
Ubercool "Mexican Walking Fish" Nearing Extinction
walking path through wetlands at Congaree National Park with cypress trees on both sides
11 Nationally Protected Wetlands You Should Know About
A peaceful hiking trail atop Seven Star Mountain in Yangmingshan National Park, Taiwan.
10 Naturally Quiet Places Around the World
View of Yosemite's granite walls from the valley floor
Why Are National Parks Important? Environmental, Social, and Economic Benefits
person in gardening clogs and shears crouches down in rock-lined soil garden
5 Things Everyone Can Do to Protect the Planet's Soil
Athnamulloch Bothy
Scotland Wants to 'Rewild' Its Lochs and Glens
Supporting sustainable growing practices minimizes environmental impacts.
The 5 Most Important Things You Can Do for the Environment

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