Conqueror Popup Trailer Has a Place for Everything and Is Ready for Anything

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Screen capture. Conqueror 440

Travel trailers offer a lot of lessons for living in small spaces, using fewer resources and creating multifunctional spaces. TreeHugger has shown a lot of them, but never one like the astonishing UEV440 from Australia's Conqueror. UEV stands for Urban Escape Vehicle but this thing looks like it could go to the moon.

dish drawer

© Conqueror 440

The kitchen pulls out of the side, and has a two-burner stove and a double sink made of two drop-in bins.

plates fit in sinks

© Conqueror 440

The plates are designed in the shape of the sinks, which makes total sense. All the pullouts are designed to cantilever, so that if the trailer is on soft or uneven terrain they are self-supporting.


© Conqueror 440

When all set up, there are tarps and flys and all kinds of protection from bugs and rain. Since it is Australia and can be dusty, every door is gasketed but there is also a fan that pressurizes the interior so that dust can't get sucked in.


Conqueror 440/Screen capture

They really think of everything; the cover over the spare tire is a barbecue.

They really pack it into this thing, it's more Lunar Excursion Module than Urban Escape Vehicle. More at Conqueror Australia.