Computer Doubles as Desktop Potted Plant

concept plant computer image
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Image via Core77

Computers can offset their own emissions via tools like Little Green Genie, but what if they can also offset at least some of their emissions by growing it's own mini carbon capture and storage utility on its back in the form of a desk plant? That's the idea behind this concept by Luis Luna.

concept planter PC image

For this idea, he states:

"O" is the project inspired by the oxygen and the whole cycle of photosynthesis, trying to contribute and reduce a tiny amount of CO2 that computers generate during their production and life use until they become waste. The main idea of this project is to design a CPU that is more concerned about "green thinking' and 'life style' by having a decorative piece to eliminate the abundant visual noise that regular pc's create.

It's not only a nice idea for offsetting even a bit of the emissions generated by running a computer (and these particular plants might allow for greater offsetting) but it's also pleasant to take away some of the cold metal feel of a computer and replace it with something warm and approachable. That's part of the reason why wood computers are so appealing. To add in some green - living green - makes it even more so. Of course, watering the plant might feel sketchy, but putting it in a removable pot can minimize the fear of frying your hard drive by accident.