4 Composting Outhouses That Provide a Room With a View

Composting Outhouses photo
Video screen capture. Paul Wheaton

Paul Wheaton/Video screen capture

Lloyd has always been an advocate of going "off the pipe"—taking buildings and removing them from centralized sewer treatment and possibly even water supply. Usually, such efforts involve high tech composting toilets and rainwater harvesting.

But there are simpler ways. You could try shitting in a hole in the ground, for example.

Doubtless, many people will turn their nose up at the idea of the "outhouse" making a comeback. But from portable Thunderboxes at UK festivals to a whole plethora of "plush and fragrant" DIY toilets, time and again I see examples of carefully designed outhouses that use zero plumbing and no electricity that are the very picture of beauty and utility—not to mention affordability.

Here Paul Wheaton takes us on a tour of some of his favorites, and highlights one of the key advantages of such a simple approach. Because outhouses are not tied to the requirements of electricity and mains water supply, you can locate them almost anywhere.

And that can mean some pretty stunning views.