Compost in 3 Days!? Awesome Industrial-Scale Compost Tumbler (Video)

in vessel composting system photo
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Some time ago I wrote a post about how to build your own compost tumbler that makes compost in 21 days. I've just come across what looks like an industrial-sized application of the same principles—and this one claims it can produce fresh compost in as little as three days! A video presentation gives some more details—and a hard-rocking soundtrack too.We have, of course, seen industrial-scale composting before. But what makes Texas Microbial Applications' composting systems so appealing is that they can be scaled to work for restaurants, stores, farms, or dedicated composting facilities, and they provide a continual flow-through operation to manage an ongoing stream of waste. Here's a list from the manufacturer's website of what these units have to offer:

  • Aerobic composting process
  • Continuous flow through design handles daily waste stream generation
  • Waste steam is retained on-site, minimizing transport costs
  • Odors eliminated quickly in processing
  • Waste is isolated from the environment
  • Composting can be completed rapidly, resulting in sanitation/stabilization in 3-6 days
  • Site manager has total process control
  • Minimal space (footprint) requirements
  • No runoff containment necessary
  • Year round processing and composting of generated waste stream
  • Value added end product, COMPOST!! obtained from waste stream processing