These Companies Can Arrange Your Next Dreamy Glamping Trip

Yes, it's totally possible to camp in style and luxury.

woman in front of a luxury tent
Woman sits in front of a luxury tent.

Getty Images / Cavan Images

Camping is a wonderful way to get outside and spend time in nature, but for some people, the thought of pitching a tent and cooking over a finicky camp stove is too rustic to be appealing. There are, fortunately, numerous other options for accommodations that can get you closer to the wilderness without compromising comfort. A number of innovative companies serve that in-between group of travelers that wants a modicum of luxury mixed into their wanderlust.

What follows is a list of resources for people who want to try "glamping" (glamorous camping) or staying in alternative accommodations such as cabins, treehouses, and yurts, or who want a unique spot to park their cozy, comfortable, self-contained RV while on the road. Perhaps you want to see what it's like to stay in an Airstream trailer or enjoy a WiFi-free safari tent for a few nights, complete with a hot shower. There's something for everyone here.

Glamping Hub

Founded in 2013, Glamping Hub is a third-party booking site that connects travelers with luxury outdoor accommodations worldwide. It boasts 26,000 spots in 110 countries, and the types of accommodation range from treehouses, tiny houses, cabins, tents, and yurts to more unusual caves, domes, tipis, pods, barns, igloos, cabooses, towers, castles, hobbit houses, and even private islands. 

The company describes itself as an alternative option for people who like the idea of camping, but don't necessarily want to sacrifice their home comforts: "Glamping is perfect for people who romanticize being around a campfire, sleeping under the stars, and enjoy being in and around nature, but then the idea of pitching a tent and sharing a bathroom can put some people off the idea." It's handy, too, for people who do not own the gear they need to camp independently. 

Under Canvas

Created in 2009, Under Canvas is a network of camping "resorts" that provide luxury safari tents complete with private bathrooms, West Elm furnishings, pull-chain showers, low-flow toilets, bed linens and bath towels, organic bath products, and toasty wood-burning stoves to stave off the cold. All locations are WiFi-free zones, allowing travelers a rare opportunity to disconnect from the broader world and reconnect with those around them. 

It has nine locations across the United States — Moab, Zion, Lake Powell, Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Acadia, Yellowstone, and Glacier — so there are limitless outdoor activities to enjoy during the day with spectacular scenery all around. 

Different locations offer different amenities. Afar reported on some newly expanded offerings, which include "a new full-service coffee bar at the Yellowstone location alongside a new event space for kids, with movie nights, game nights, and more. Under Canvas Zion will get new indoor and outdoor social spaces and all of its safari-style accommodations will feature ensuite bathrooms."


If you've dreamed of sleeping in an Airstream trailer, here's your chance. AutoCamp is a series of campgrounds in stunning locations across the United States (Joshua Tree, Yosemite, Zion, Russian River/Sonoma, Cape Cod, Catskills) that allow you to rent a fully-equipped Airstream for a night — or several. 

As the company promises, "We take down the barriers to entry when it comes to getting outside. Booking one of our Tents or Suites means all you have to do is check in and make the most of your time in the great outdoors." Suites come fully equipped with towels, linens, and basic cookware, as well as a fire pit with a grill and a bundle of firewood. Group campfires offer a place for travelers to mingle, and some locations have free yoga classes. 

Cabins and luxury tents are available, too, to be paired with the Airstream if you need additional space. Add-ons include meal kits, described by Outside as "served Blue Apron-style, complete with step-by-step directions, to prepare over your campfire. Included: veggie-only options or meals like butterflied chicken breast and steak strips that are 'good enough for foodies but simple enough for newbies.'" 

Harvest Hosts

If you own an RV and want somewhere to stay that's off the beaten track, you should check out Harvest Hosts. For a $99 yearly membership, you can have free unlimited stays at nearly 2,200 farms, wineries, and breweries across the country. 

You do not pay the host but are encouraged to purchase something worth at least $20 from the host's farm store to express your appreciation. For some small-scale farmers, these purchases add up to a substantial source of income – all in exchange for letting someone park an RV on their land. 

Stays are limited to one night unless the host says otherwise. Each host determines their own policies on pets (sometimes there are working farm animals around, which makes things more complicated), check-in times, and more. No tents are allowed, and RVs must be self-contained units, as the Harvest Hosts do not provide water or electrical hookups.


This interesting resource gives travelers choices between different camping styles. Tentrr Signature offers a campsite with ready-to-go gear that's already set up, while Tentrr Backcountry connects you to a piece of beautiful land where you can pitch your own tent. Tentrr Partners provides a list of unique "specialty camping experiences," such as a private chef at one location or an ensuite bathroom at another. 

Even the Signature sites are nicer than what you'd get on your own, featuring a wooden deck, queen-sized mattress, solar shower, lounge chairs, an outdoor camp toilet, dry food storage, five-person pop-up dome tent, large canvas tent, and more. One could easily describe it as glamping.

Tentrr says, "We connect adventurers like you with private landowners who want to share their land so you can experience new places." These landowners — or CampKeepers, as they're called — can make extra money while controlling their own availability. "You'll set your own calendar, with the option to either stay open for the winter, or shut down to hunker down until the weather turns back in our favor."


One of the biggest names out there, Hipcamp is like Airbnb for camping. Since 2013 it has grown into "the most comprehensive resource for discovering and booking unique outdoor stays including tent camping, RV parks, cabins, treehouses, and glamping." Hipcamps can be found in all national, state, regional, and army corps parks in 50 states. This works out to an impressive 471,379 campsites across the United States.

The company takes a lovely stance on believing in "biophilia and the power of love to inspire action." It writes that connecting people with the land can be beneficial to the planet because "humans in nature bring out the best of human nature."