Compact Kitchen Folds Up and Goes Away When You Don't Need It

Promo image. Dizzconcept

It's hard, getting a lot of kitchen into a small space. It's also nice if the kitchen sort of goes away when you are not using it so that the room can be used for something else. Croatian designer and manufacturer Dizzconcept has come up with a neat design where the entire kitchen sits behind folding doors that are six inches deep and happen to have a whole lot of storage built into the inside. Open it up and you can see everything.

grey kitchen closed

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This model has a TV in the door when you are in living room mode;

Grey kitchen open

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Open it up and there is a fridge, dishwasher, composter and microwave as well as a lot of storage. They should put the TV on a pivot so that you can watch cooking shows.

pink kitchen

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Six feet of counter isn't much when you are losing more than half of it to the sink and range, so a table/ kitchen island is probably necessary to really use this kitchen for serious cooking. Or perhaps the back of that television spot could fold down to provide more counterspace.

pink kitchen closed

Dizzconcept/Promo image

But this is nicely done. Found on Living in a shoebox, where they suggest that this unit might save as much as 50 square feet of space in a typical apartment. It certainly will make it nicer to look at when one isn't busy cooking.