Coming Soon: Weird but Maybe Wonderful Alternative Electric Vehicles

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©. BRP Ryker

BRB introduces a bunch of concept vehicles that look like a lot of fun without fossil fuels

In 1968, Bombardier invented the Sea-Doo, the first personal watercraft. Everyone everywhere (except the people riding them) hated the smelly, noisy and sometimes deadly things, yearning for the days of quiet lakes with loons and canoes. Then, over the years, they actually got quieter, didn't smell anymore, actually could be steered properly and were far less offensive. I don't even complain about them anymore.

BRP Seadoo

© BRP Sea-dooBombardier spun off their recreational products to a separate company called BRP that continues to make a range of vehicles that roar around the countryside burning fossil fuels, enraging hikers as well as canoeists, but at least soon they may be powered by electricity, and some might even be on our roads, replacing cars.

"BRP has been working for some time on how to create e-vehicles to bring new experiences to potential and existing riders. As we’ve said, it was never a question of 'if', but 'when'. We are truly excited about electric and see it as a potential opportunity for our business," said Denys Lapointe, Senior Vice-President, Design, Innovation and Creative Services.

BRP Seadoo

© BRP Sea-doo

There is, of course, the Sea-Doo, which will likely be quieter and less polluting. But there are also a lot of alternatives for dry land that look pretty interesting.

Side view Ryker

© BRP Ryker

There is Ryker EV, "The ultimate marriage of sustainability and innovation, the Ryker EV Concept allows riders to take to the open road with nothing between them and their passion, truly a ride like no other for the future."



The eCOM is for those who find an e-bike too much of a challenge: "Incorporating the distinctive Y-design BRP is renowned for, the eCOM Concept is the ultimate in accessibility and stability for commuting to and within cities, and a great alternative to a second (or third) car, with many options for commercial use."

CT2 scooter


The CT concept is basically an electric scooter: "The CT1 and CT2 Concepts are part of a modular ecosystem intended for personal, shared and commercial mobility solutions for both urban and suburban areas. The concepts have already been successfully road-tested in Madrid, Paris, San Francisco and Montreal."

CT1 motorcycle


The CT1 is more like an electric motorcycle.


© BRP 12

"The TWeLVE (Three Wheeled Electric Leaning Vehicle) Concept has already been tested in Paris and has demonstrated unbeatable stability and agility for urban mobility, whether for personal, shared or commercial use."

BRP lineup


It's great seeing such experimentation, and while I am tempted just to say "get a bike" or an e-bike, these are interesting options that might well get people out of cars, especially in crowded cities. As Denys Lapointe notes,

“We continue to constantly innovate, and e-vehicles are no exception. Our talented team from around the world is working on new ideas and we’re eager to hear the consumer’s reaction. For the moment, these are preliminary concepts as we are currently evaluating market viability."

© BRP sonic, coming to a gocart track near you

It's time for a change from gasoline powered vehicles. Why not experiment? Let a thousand electric options bloom.