Firefighters Rescue a Dog Stranded in an Icy Pond in Colorado

Firefighters in Lone Tree, Colorado, rushed into action on Jan. 12 after receiving a call at 11:26 a.m. about a dog stuck in an icy pond.

When they arrived, they found Bri clinging to the edge of the ice, unable to get out. They arrived, with one officer geared up in a dry suit, knowing there wasn't much time to spare in such frigid conditions.

The rescue was caught on video as the Firehouse 34 crew helped secure the rope and one of their team members crawled out to Bri to pull her out. A dive team was also on hand just in case.

Once Bri was in the rescuer's grasp, it took less than a minute for the distressed pup to find her way up onto a solid surface so she could escape.

Bri was reunited with her owners on shore, Public Information Officer Eric Hurst told MNN.

"Seconds truly do count when surviving cold water exposure, and falling through the ice can be fatal," Hurst told MNN. "Firefighters know that if they don't act quickly to rescue a person or animal, well intentioned bystanders will likely risk themselves while attempting a rescue and also become victims."

The post on Facebook by the South Metro Fire Rescue reminds all pet owners to, "please keep dogs on a leash and never attempt to rescue an animal in distress." They say to call 911 immediately.

"Firefighters feel a huge sense of relief and happiness when a rescue like this one is carried out with the best possible outcome," Hurst said.

The rescue video has over 20,000 views since it was posted, and has been shared widely across social media.

And we're happy to report that Bri is doing just fine.