Coffee Table Doubles as Heliostat, Lighting Room

igland design pure sunlight table photo
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Sunlight is free, but it's not always in the right place. That's why people use light shelves and other technologies to reflect it against the ceiling. Danish designer Dag Igland has built Pure Sunlight, a sort of indoor heliostat, that lets the user adjust a mirror built into a coffee table to reflect light up to the ceiling.

igland design pure sunlight table photo

The Designer writes:

Placed by a window or a door, this table reflects sunlight to the ceiling or walls of a room, greatly reducing the need for electric light during daylight hours. By tweaking the handles the light can be adjusted to give maximum effect. Even on a cloudy day the table will help lighting up a room. Instant use of sunlight eliminates the need for batteries, and makes for a very environ-friendly way of using natural energy.
igland design pure sunlight table photo
The table is the first in a range of objects where the contemplative act of using the object, at the same time saves energy and brings awareness to how and what kind of energy we use. No advanced technology, no batteries -just pure sunlight.

Perhaps it could use a little advanced technology to track the sun automatically.

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