For $3000 You Can Own One of the World's Smallest Cafés

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Move over, Starbucks. The future of hip coffee might come from baristas on bikes, and Wheely's wants to get you turning the wheels of an ecological café bike.

The trend of upscale coffee shops such as Starbucks has been crowding small independent café owners out of business over the last couple of years, at least in places where real estate costs are high and the demographics of café customers seem to prefer a premium experience.

But these coffee giants' reliance on brick-and-mortar locations has a distinct disadvantage in the mobile market, and a Swedish design firm thinks they have an answer to the question of how an independent coffee shop could compete with them, especially for potential eco-entrepreneurs with minimal startup funds.

The Nordic Society For Invention and Discovery (NSID) has developed one possible solution for a low-cost and low-impact competitor in the crowded coffee market, and it can be yours for just $3000. The Wheely's concept is a mini coffee shop on a cargo bike, complete with a solar powered battery pack for brewing java, a cold sink for ice, gas burners, a speaker system for music, and a parasol to keep the sun or rain off the tiny café.

Along with the Wheely's café cargo bike, those who buy in to the concept will also be a part of the Wheely's franchise network, which will give your new coffee business a "branded" appeal, as well as the support of the network's social media accounts and access to legal and business advice.

Wheely's cargo bike cafe

© Nordic Invention
If you're already sold on becoming a bike barista eco-entrepreur, there's an early-bird pricing on the campaign's Indiegogo page, and the first five people to pony up $1800 will get their own bike-powered micro-café. After those spots are taken, the next ten people who commit to a $2500 contribution will be the owners of a Wheely's bike and franchise.