This Samoyed Dog Does Not Want to Go Inside

There are times when you just don't want to do something — get out of bed, work on a project, study, leave your house. Sometimes you do it because it's what expected, so you grin and bear it. Other times, you act like Cody the Samoyed dog — mighty stubborn.

Samoyeds' thick fur protects them from the cold, which means the chill probably feels pretty good. Cody, it seems, would like to stay outside on this chilly night. His human companions, however, would very much like Cody to come inside because it's time for bed.

One of the humans is particularly determined to get Cody indoors. The video shows her struggling with Cody, who has adopted certain techniques for resisting things, including just being a massive (but adorable) lump of fur. Cody is neither actively hindering or helping the human; he's just soaking in the last of the cold before play time is over.

So the next time someone tries to encourage you to do something, just follow Cody's lead and be as calmly (and cutely) stubborn as possible.