Coca Cola Can Help Kickstart Your Compost

coca cola photo
CC BY 2.0. vwb5

vwb5/CC BY 2.0

We recently found out that compost can get you high, but here's another slightly odd composting fact for you—Coca-Cola can act as the perfect secret ingredient for kick starting your compost.

Listed by as one of 5 uses for Coca-Cola, besides drinking it, is to apply this sugary acidic nectar as a compost starter:

A flat bottle of Coke can come in handy if you're into composting. Simply pour the soda over the pile. Coke's mildly acidic nature will help break down organic matter, while its sweetness helps attract micro-organisms that aid in the composting process.

Has anyone tried this at home? Although, given today's call to Occupy Our Food Supply, unless you are using a waste bottle that would otherwise end up in landfill, you may want to stick with tried-and-tested urine and avoid corporate control of the compost heap.

And remember, if coke can help break down compost, just think what it is doing to your teeth.