100 Coal Plants Killed Since 2001

Coal plants are struggling, and that's a good thing for the environment. (Photo: Curioso/Shutterstock)

Huzzah for the world (and for us)!

The Sierra Club is racking up 100 coal plants that have been blocked or abandoned since 2001. LA recently announced that they would stop burning coal by 2020, other coal plants have been canceled in South Dakota, Alaska, Colorado, Kentucky, Missouri, and New York.

The Sierra Club has been fighting against coal plants for for the past six years and deserves credit for a lot of success the anti-coal movement has seen. Coal is the enemy of mankind.

Check out Bruce Niles who heads up the Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign talking about the milestone.

It's really encouraging to note that last year was the first that more new wind power was brought on the energy grid than coal. The Coal lobby is well entrenched and funded, but are vulnerable to being chipped away from all sides. We need to keep up the good fight but take time along the way to celebrate the victories. 100 power plants killed is a good one. Raise a glass tonight for mother earth.

You can see the full list of blocked coal plants here.