CloudMaker Showerhead Promises 75% Water Savings by Producing a Pressurized Mist

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This water-atomizing showerhead from Cirrus is said to not only greatly reduce the amount of water used per shower, but to also deliver 13X more thermal efficiency and 10X more surface area coverage.

Even though the biggest demands for freshwater are electricity generation and irrigation, neither of which we as individuals have much control over, barring a change to renewable electricity at home and eating a less water-intensive diet, we can do our part by taking steps to reduce our own water usage. In homes, one of the largest uses of water is in the shower, which can account for about 20% of residential water consumption, so that's a natural place to begin our water conservation efforts (assuming we've already got a low-flow toilet and are using the "if it's yellow, let it mellow" method of flushing).

We've featured a number of new showerheads over the last few years that make some pretty incredible water-saving claims, and there's soon to be another contender on the market from the folks at Cirrus, who estimate their "CloudMaker technology" showerhead can save the average US home more than 15,000 gallons of water every year.

The Cirrus device is an atomizing showerhead, which means that it produces a fine pressurized mist instead of large water droplets, and the company claims that its device "covers 10x more surface area while being 13x more thermally efficient than the standard model," resulting in a 75% reduction in shower water use. And it's not just the mist aspect of the Cirrus that makes it "revolutionary," but also the fact that it integrates what it calls a NanoFilter pod with "3 layers of mineralized stones" to reduce chlorine, filter the water, and balance the pH level of the water, and the Cirrus system can also accept aromatherapy cartridges that release essential oil blends during the shower.

"Forget just your head - get your entire body up in the clouds. Cirrus is like showering within clouds. Imagine being cocooned by pure mist - warm, gentle, and luxurious. A phenomenal experience, exceeding your wildest expectations." - Cirrus
Cirrus showerhead

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According to Cirrus, its showerhead delivers water at a rate of .625 gallons per minute, compared to the industry standard of 2.5 gallons per minute, for an estimated savings of more than 10 gallons per day per person. The company says its products can easily be installed in any shower without other modifications, and although the showerhead is designed to be used with the Core (which holds the NanoFilter pod), it can also be used without it. Each NanoFilter pod can last "2 to 3 months" in a four-person household, and a Core unit can also be installed on a shower with an existing showerhead if desired.

"By turning your shower into a pressurized mist, Cirrus envelops your entire body in a cocoon of warmth. With a deluge of atomized water increasing surface area coverage 10-fold, every inch of your hair and skin is cleansed faster and more efficiently – while using drastically less water than a standard showerhead." - Cirrus

To launch the Cirrus system, the company has turned to crowdfunding with a Kickstarter campaign