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100% Romanian hemp, hand printed with iron*, natural coconut buttons, no synthetic interlinings, labels printed onto organic fabric ‘scraps’. Sounds like the sort of thing that we’d be interested in. The Hemp Walnut Print Skirt at £95 ($174 USD) is just one of the products from Clothworks, of Bradford on Avon. Several impressive treehuggery enterprises emanate from this spot in the UK countryside. It’s also the home of the famed Moulton bicycle if you'll pardon the digression. We noticed that Clothworks do a line of organic cotton and organic linen fabric products for women and children, whilst also offering organic cotton sheets and duvet/doona/quilt (ah, the variances of the English language) covers for baby cots. And those said organic materials are of the certified kind. *Printing done with tannin is also available. ::Clothworks