Winter Warming More Than Summer Across Much Of United States

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images: NOAA
NOAA has some new maps (h/t Mongabay) showing how temperatures in the US are changing, and have been changing for the past few decades. The image above shows how much January minimum temperatures are changing (based on data from 1971-2000 and 1981-2010), while the one below shows how much July maximums are changing. The dark orange is temperature increase; the light blue is temperature decrease.
july maximum temperature changes united states image

As you can see it's not a uniform picture across the nation.

Most notable is that January minimums, with the exception of Florida and parts of the South, are rising--up to 3.5-4°F in some places. In other words, it's not getting nearly as cold as it used to.

July maximums show less of an increase, with a large swath of the Midwest and northern New England and upstate New York showing decreases in July maximum temperature. However across the northern Rocky Mountains and across much of Oregon, July maximums are 2°F hotter than they were.

Important to note: On the whole every single state in the nation saw average temperatures increase over the past three years. So while so places are seeing colder January temperatures and others are experiencing cooler summer highs, the overall trend is towards hotter temperatures.

Also worth bring up again: Across the US new high temperature records continue to outpace new record lows. While the historical average should be about 1:1, over the entire year the ratio in about 2:1 now. In June it was 11:1.

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