Why Can We Bail Out the Banks, But Not Our Planet? Monbiot Lets Loose

It is a very weird world we live in. When economists warn that our banking system is close to collapse, our leaders go into overdrive to put together a deal—however unsatisfactory. Meanwhile we've been hearing for years that we are running out of time to avoid catastrophic climate change and yet international climate talks proceed at a glacial, even repetitive pace. This is what's got George Monbiot mad, as he asks over at The Guardian why we can bail out the banks, but not our climate:

The US and other nations began talking seriously about tackling climate change in 1988. Yet we still don't have a legally binding global agreement, and we are unlikely to get one until 2020, if at all. Agreements to help the banks are struck at economic summits without breaking sweat, yet making progress at climate summits looks like using a donkey to tow a 44-tonne truck.

Ultimately, says Monbiot. it's just the final proof that our governments act for the interests of the elite, not the majority. But how do we change that?

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