While Much of World Sweats, Britain Has Coolest Summer Since Early 1990s

britain summer rain photo

photo: Mike Dean/CC BY-SA

While the summer of 2011 will go down as one of the hottest on record so far (if not the hottest) in the United States, as the variations in the effects of global warming have it, Britain is actually having its coolest summer since 1993. The Independent reports figures from the Met Office showing the temperature in August being 1°C below average over most of the nation, with 126% more rainfall than normal.The original article also quotes weather forecaster Brian Gaze:

Since the last real heatwave in July 2006 we've had a run of average or poor summers in Britain, but 2011 will probably be remembered as the worst of them. During the 1900s and 2000s, summer heatwaves were more frequent than usual, and perhaps some people began to this this was the norm. During the last few years the run of poor summers has coincided with colder weather during the winter months.

For a graphic representation of that difference, check out these temperature anomaly maps from NOAA. The top is from June 2011 (July and August aren't yet available in this map form); the bottom in for the entire summer of 2000.

temperature anomalies june 2011 map

temperature anomalies summer 2000 map

Notice the blue dots over Great Britain and Ireland, while much of continental Europe is experiencing above normal temperatures only slightly less hotter than normal than much of the United States. In the image from 2000, Britain is has similarly above average temperatures as did continental Europe, and did much of the US at that time as well.

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