Where Are The World's Hotspots of Climate-Induced Food Insecurity?

food insecurity hotspots map

Image: CGIAR

Yet another map showing the areas of the world where food security is only going to get worse because of climate change. We've seen this sort of thing time and again in various forms. This one, created by CGIAR, it shows as others have: South Asia and Africa are going to have it hardest, when it comes to agriculture and climate change. CGIAR's Polly Ericksen, quoted in the Science Daily summary:

When you put these maps together they reveal places around the world where the arrival of stressful growing conditions could be easily disastrous. These are areas highly exposed to climate shifts, where survival is strongly linked to the fate of regional crop and livestock yields, and where chronic food problems indicate that farmers are already struggling and they lack the capacity to adapt to new weather patterns.

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