This is What a Responsible TV News Report on Climate Change Looks Like (Video)

tv news global warming story NBC/Screen capture

By and large, the mainstream media has been dropping the ball on climate change for the last two or three years. Major studies have been unreported, attention has been heaped on insubstantial non-scandals like the hacked email affair, and clear explanations of the latest climate science have been, to put it mildly, severely lacking.

So it's nice to see a responsible news organization get the story so thoroughly right. Watch this segment from the Evening News on NBC (via Climate Progress):

This may be the best news report on climate change I've seen in years. It's all there: a good, easy-to-understand explanation of some of the evidence supporting climate change, a survey of the current impacts, and an unambiguous link to the cause--fossil fuels. Well done, NBC.

If you've been looking for a brief, explanatory video detailing the best and most recent evidence of climate change to forward to your disbelieving friends and family, here 'tis.

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