Watch the Summers Getting Statistically Hotter

It's not your imagination; the summers are getting hotter. Not all will be as unpleasant as this one, which is turning out to be among the hottest on record here in the US.

hottest 2012NOAA/Public Domain
Not all will help throw 60% of the entire nation into extreme drought conditions. But more and more will!

NASA says so:

This bell curve graph shows how the distribution of Northern Hemisphere summer temperature anomalies has shifted toward an increase in hot summers ...

As the graph moves forward in time, the bell curve shifts to the right, representing an increase in the frequency of the various hot anomalies. It also gets wider and shorter, representing a wider range of temperature extremes. As the graph moves beyond 1980, the temperatures are still compared to the seasonal mean of the 1951-1980 base period, so that as it reaches the 21st century, there is a far greater frequency of temperatures that once fell 3 standard deviations beyond the mean.

So, compared to 50 years ago, it's getting hotter much more regularly, and really hot more often, too.

Watch the Summers Getting Statistically Hotter
This is what the Northern Hemisphere's ever-hotter summers look like.