UK Sets World-Leading Legally Binding Emission Reduction Target: 50% by 2025

UK power plant photo

photo: Suvodeb Banerjee/Creative Commons

Finally a nation has pledged to a legally binding greenhouse gas emission reduction target in line with scientific recommendations. The UK has just announced that it will cut emissions 50% below 1990 levels by 2025, as part of the 4th Carbon Budget. It's the minimum level of cuts advised by the nation's Committee on Climate Change. The 2025 target will set the nation on track for 60% cuts by 2030 and 80% cuts by 2050.

WWF-UK's head of climate change aptly commented on the situation, saying:

No other country has set legally binding emission reduction targets going into the 2020s and so with this decision the UK is showing genuine leadership on climate change. However, we must remember that the Committee on Climate Change had made clear that the carbon budget agreed today is the 'absolute minimum' necessary, and that it should be achieved through actions taken here in the UK rather than relying on emission credits from oversees.

The target comes after a good deal of political wrangling in the UK. For TreeHugger readers interested in those details, The Guardian and BBC News both have summaries of that.

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