US Carbon Emissions From Energy Production Lowest Since 1992

US carbon emissons first quarter 2012 photoEIA/Public Domain

With coal-fired power fall to record low levels in recent months, perhaps this is to be expected.

The Energy Information Administration has just released new data on US carbon emissions from energy production, with the pretty stunning stat that for the first quarter of 2012 they were the lowest since 1992. It's all the more remarkable as the January through March period normally sees the highest emissions of the year, as the winter months increase heat demand.

The EIA says that the mild winter reducing heating demand, the drop in coal-fired power, and reduce gasoline demand are behind the record low emission levels.

January to March 2012 had 8% lower emissions than the same period in 2011.

Fingers crossed the trend spite of political inaction and industry obstructionism.

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