Thus Far, 2012 is Hottest Ever Recorded in the US

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Here's the grand upshot of global warming: we bloggers get to keep writing articles with supremely linkbait-y headlines: The "00"s the Hottest Decade on Record!, 2010 the Warmest Year on Record: NASA! (the internets love NASA), and, now, that which you'll find above.

Yes, spring 2012 was the most scorching spring ever recorded; so sayeth the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration.

Here's Reuters:
So far, 2012 has been the warmest year the United States has ever seen, with the warmest spring and the second-warmest May since record-keeping began in 1895 ... Temperatures for the past 12 months and the year-to-date have been the warmest on record for the contiguous United States, NOAA said.
Good times.

Even the climate-phobic nightly news broadcasts couldn't turn this one down:

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Ah, yes, the increasing concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is one of the "suspects." It also might have been sun spots, in the library, with the candlestick.

But nevermind! Onwards we march, towards more of the Hottest and Warmest, towards more broken records and head-shaking scientists! And, of course, towards more screaming headlines that the mass of America might observe with bleeding hearts or mild interest or self-assured contempt.

Here's to the specter of the Hottest 2012 Ever Recorded in US History.

Thus Far, 2012 is Hottest Ever Recorded in the US
The United States just slogged through its warmest spring ever recorded.

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