Is there room for hope on climate?

A reader wrote to Grist's Ask Umbra column to ask if there was hope for this planet. Umbra says yes:

People of all stripes are speaking up. Under the deft leadership of veteran activist (and Grist board member) Bill McKibben, the group is spearheading a global climate movement that’s getting bigger and louder all the time. Earlier this year, tens of thousands of protesters descended on D.C. This group is active in 188 countries. There are other groups out there too, from Climate Parents to Young Evangelicals for Climate Action, and recent polling shows that most Americans believe (finally) that climate change is a problem. You are not alone.

She goes on to list many more reasons for hope.

I don't know about you, but I needed that. Thanks, Umbra!

Is there room for hope on climate?
Grist's "Ask Umbra" is asked if there is hope for the planet. The answer is just what we needed.

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