So, this climate change thing is real, confirms science

Justin Gillis at The New York Times reports on a new paper by Frédéric Parrenin of the University of Grenoble, in France, that provides important new data on how carbon dioxide influenced sharp global warming that ended the last ice age.

This sentence sums up one conclusion one can make from the findings: "The emerging evidence suggests that Mr. Gore was right."

The research backs up previous findings on the role of carbon dioxide in climate change:

Richard B. Alley, a climate scientist at Pennsylvania State University who was not involved in the new work, said by e-mail that it essentially confirmed previous scientific understanding.

“What this does, again and more clearly than ever, is to show that the large temperature changes are tightly coupled to the large CO2 changes,” he said.

I'll admit, it would be nice to one day read a report that finds science has had it all wrong and everything will be okay, but absent that impossibility, findings like this back up what scientists and the climate movement have long demanded. The climate is changing. We're changing it. And the time to act is now before it is too late.

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