Sea Level Will Continue Rising Past 2300, Even If We Keep Temperature Rise to 2°C

Another study has outlined what may happen to sea levels as temperatures rise, with another warning that limiting temperature rise will check rising seas.

According to new research published in Nature Climate Change, even if we cut emissions enough to keep temperature rise to 2°C sea level rise will continue, reaching 1.5-4 meters above current levels (best estimate 2.7m) by 2300. If temperatures are allowed to increase to 3°C, sea levels will be 2-5m higher than today, with 3.5m being the best estimate.

Importantly, the research finds that if we can check temperature rise at 1.5°C, sea level rise can be held to roughly 1.3m by 2300.

Even then the effects will be serious. Report co-author Stefan Rahmstorf:

As an example, for New York City it has been shown that one meter of sea level rise could raise the frequency of severe flooding from once per century to once every three years. (Science Daily)

The effects on even lower-lying areas will, obviously, be even more dramatic.

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