Scientist Authors of 'No Need to Panic About Global Warming' Op-ed Have Oil Industry Ties

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Another revelation has surface in the saga of the Wall Street Journal's roundly panned anti-climate change op-ed—it was written by industry-sponsored scientists who didn't disclose the fact in the article.

The article, entitled 'No Need to Panic About Global Warming', was written and signed by 16 scientists from different disciplines—few of which were climate scientists. It contained familiar-sounding talking points about how there had been no warming over the last decade, despite a satellite temperature record that said otherwise. The piece was rapidly debunked by actual climatologists, 255 of whom issued a rapid rebuttal in the same section of the newspaper.

But from there, the story continues to get interesting. The Daily Climate reports:

Half of the 16 scientists who penned a controversial Wall Street Journal opinion piece proclaiming there is "no need to panic" about global warming have ties to either the oil and gas industry or groups dedicated to debunking climate science, a investigation has found.

The article, criticized by climate scientists and environmental groups, says that the field of climate science is dominated by opportunists and that "a large and growing number of distinguished scientists and engineers do not agree that drastic actions on global warming are needed."

Unfortunately, that "large and growing number" doesn't actually include climate scientists. But it does include industry boosters who receive money from oil and gas companies. Of course, the WSJ didn't bother to note as much anywhere in the article.

Daily Climate points out that "in listing their affiliations at the end of the piece, the paper didn't mention half of them have ties to groups and businesses that often cast doubts about man-made global warming."

When the article initially emerged, the scientific community was surprised by how badly it got the science wrong. Now it's not so surprising at all.

See the Daily Climate for the full, detailed report.

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