Record-Breaking Snow As Well As Warmth: Weather Weirding in New England This Fall

In addition to its new data on the US' record-breaking year in natural disasters, NOAA has also outlined the true weather weirding that climate change is bringing about this fall. Here are some of the highlights:

Despite record-breaking early season snowfall in New England, New York and New Jersey, much of the US east of the Mississippi saw above average temperatures, with Vermont, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts actually experiencing their warmest autumn on record. Contrasting this, four states in the Southeast and along the Gulf Coast saw below-average temperatures. As a whole, the US was 1.3°F above average.

November itself saw temperature anomalies roughly split between areas east of the Mississippi and along the West Coast, as the chart below indicates.

temperature anomalies United States November 2011 imageNOAA/Public Domain

During November 13 states saw temperatures in the top-10 warmest on record, with six states experiencing below-average conditions. On the whole, November was 1.8°F above the 20th century average.

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