Record-Breaking Snow Doesn't Mean Global Warming Has Stopped (Video)

While spring may be solidly upon much of the Northern Hemisphere at the moment and thoughts of blizzards are thankfully past, let's take a quick look back to winter. In case you had any doubt that last winter's record-breaking snowfalls meant that global warming has stopped, hopefully this short video TreeHugger put together in collaboration with Skeptical Science's John Cook will explain how for a while at least increasing temperatures can actually mean more snowfall--at least until it becomes too warm for significant snowfall to happen. Remember, even though the trend is to warmer temperatures, it doesn't mean January will be turned into June.More Global Climate Change
Finally, Rebuttal to 'Snow Means No Global Warming' Nonsense Aired in Mainstream Media (Video)
A Warming World Will Still See Severe Snowstorms Columbia University Scientists Remind Us

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