Quote of the Day: Nick Cohen on "The climate change deniers have won"

Hoover dam
CC BY 2.0 Falling water levels at Hoover Dam / Raquel Baranow on Flickr

Nick Cohen, a columnist in the Observer (the Guardian Sunday paper) writes a thoroughly depressing but important article about how, essentially, the climate change deniers have won. He is speaking from Britain, but one sees the same thing going on in the USA, Canada and Australia as well.

The politicians know too well that beyond the corporations and the cultish fanatics in their grass roots lies the great mass of people, whose influence matters most. They accept at some level that manmade climate change is happening but don't want to think about it.

I am no better than them. I could write about the environment every week. No editor would stop me. But the task feels as hopeless as arguing against growing old. Whatever you do or say, it is going to happen. How can you persuade countries to accept huge reductions in their living standards to limit (not stop) the rise in temperatures? How can you persuade the human race to put the future ahead of the present?

I will have trouble looking in the mirror today. More in the Guardian

Quote of the Day: Nick Cohen on "The climate change deniers have won"
A powerful article in the Guardian is a must-read.

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