Climate Change Think Tank Starts Taking Money From Polluters, After Pew Center Funding Ends

The climate change think tank formerly known as the Pew Center of Global Climate Change is no more, after the Pew Charitable Trusts pulled $3.5 million in yearly funding to the organization. That single donation, as the name of the think tank implied, formed the overwhelming majority of the group's funding, 80% (Economic Times).

Now known as the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions, funding comes from (among others) the Alcoa Foundation, Bank of America, GE, The Energy Foundation, Duke Energy, Entergy, HP, Shell, and the Rockefeller Brothers Fund.

Avid TreeHugger readers will note that some of the groups aren't exactly the most climate-friendly groups out there, at least in industry association or what activities they fund (BoA's funding of mountaintop removal coal mining, for example).

Pew Charitable Trust has said that the funding change had been in the works for several years, the result of their organization transitioning from being a family foundation into a public charity.

Only time will tell if or how the change in funding will change the work done. And I suppose it could well be worse, neither the Koch Brothers or ExxonMobil are involved.

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