"The ocean is so acidic that it is dissolving the shells of our baby oysters"

Taylor Oyster Farming
Screen capture Vimeo

The short video below tells the story of how climate change - more specifically ocean acidification - is affecting the life of fifth-generation small oyster farmers off the coast of Washington state. It was made by The Story Group, an independent journalism company that uses storytelling to covering "critical issues of our time". I think it's a great idea to break up the rather abstract concept of 'climate change' into more concrete pieces that show how it's affecting people and ecosystems more directly.

The short film is great, check it out:

This “ocean acidification” is one planetary response to humans’ burning of fossil fuels, which releases carbon dioxide that is absorbed by the oceans. According to the National Climate Assessment, oceans currently absorb about a quarter of human-caused carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere, leading to ocean acidification that will alter marine ecosystems in dramatic yet uncertain ways.

Via The Story Group, Grist

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