Nicholas Stern: Climate Situation 'Far Worse' Than Previously Thought

Nicholas Stern, the British economist who made a big splash worldwide with his government-commissioned Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change in 2006, is now saying that things are even worse than he let on in his famous report:

In an interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Stern, who is now a crossbench peer, said: "Looking back, I underestimated the risks. The planet and the atmosphere seem to be absorbing less carbon than we expected, and emissions are rising pretty strongly. Some of the effects are coming through more quickly than we thought then."

The Stern review, published in 2006, pointed to a 75% chance that global temperatures would rise by between two and three degrees above the long-term average; he now believes we are "on track for something like four ". Had he known the way the situation would evolve, he says, "I think I would have been a bit more blunt. I would have been much more strong about the risks of a four- or five-degree rise." (source)

The Guardian has more.

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