NASA Shows Us 130 Years of Warming in 30 Seconds

Kate Sheppard points us to NASA's great 26-second video animation of the last 130 years of global temperature records:

This video, put together by NASA using temperature records from 1880 to 2011, shows you the warming world in just 26 terrifying seconds. Blue shows temperatures that are lower than the baseline average between 1951 and 1980, and reds show temperatures above the average ...

The NASA video shows temperatures through 2011, which was the ninth warmest year on record at the time. But 2012 is certainly on pace to be just as out-of-the-ordinary.

She's right—NOAA just confirmed that after the third-hottest summer months on record, the first eight months of 2012 comprise the hottest ever recored here in the lower 48.
Might as well take another 26 seconds and watch it again.

NASA Shows Us 130 Years of Warming in 30 Seconds
This is what climate change looks like.

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