Myth of 'Global Cooling' Debunked in 4 Minutes (Video)

global cooling myth debunkedYouTube/Screen capture

'Global cooling' is one of the most pervasive myths put forward by those bent on sowing doubt and confusion about climate change. It goes like this: Ever since 1998, a year when record-high global temperatures were recorded, the world has been undergoing a gradual global cooling.

Of course, that's simply not the case. Average temperatures have been steadily rising, as climate scientists have predicted. But don't take my word for it. Here's a video of leading climatologist Ben Santer debunking the myth, and explaining how it illuminates an important principle of climate science in the process. Watch (editing and narration courtesy of climate crock-debunker Peter Sinclair):

If you're of a wonkier persuasion, you may recognize Santer from his appearances at Congressional hearings, where he routinely offers robust and vigorous defenses of the evidence in support of global climate change.

Myth of 'Global Cooling' Debunked in 4 Minutes (Video)
Ah, global cooling nonsense. How I'll miss thee.

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