Most Climate Skeptics In US Are Conservative White Men: Study

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This may come as no great shock, but a study in the journal Global Environmental Change shows that conservative white men are much more likely to be climate skeptics than other demographic groups. The telling stats via The Guardian:

Overall, while 29.6% of conservative white males (CWMs) believed that the effects of global warming "will never happen," just 7.4% of all other adults shared that view. Similarly, 58.5% of CWMs -- but only 31.5% of all other adults -- denied that recent temperature increases are primarily caused by human activities. The pattern demonstrates that CWMs "are more likely than other adults to reject the scientific consensus on climate change," the authors note. So, "not surprisingly," 58.8% of CWMs "deny the existence of a scientific consensus," compared to 35.5% of other adults.

CWMs were also more than twice as likely than other adults to say the media exaggerated the seriousness of climate change (65.1% to 29.9%). Finally, 39.1% of conservative white males -- but just 14.4% of all other adults - said they did not worry at all about global warming.

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