More tragic extreme weather events in Western Canada as Isabelle's playhouse is blown away

mad at wind
Screen capture National Post

The shocking headline in the National Post is gripping the country. It has everything: climate chaos, cute little girl, allusions to literature and television, drama and pathos. (it has been changed online to delete the Little House on the Prairie reference, perhaps Laura Ingalls Wilder's estate sued)

Like most western Canadians, little Isabelle is stoic in the face of adversity and challenge. According to Katrina Clarke in the Post,

Mr. Webster said he and wife were impressed at how maturely their daughter handled the situation. She didn’t cry, though he suspects she might have been in shock. Now, Isabelle may have to resort to pretending the doghouse is her former playhouse. Mr. Webster says she sometimes plays with the dog in his home anyway.

tragedy© Elizabeth Webster

These photos by Isabelle's mom Elizabeth may well become the most iconic images since the classic from the earthquake in Washington DC in 2011.

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