Louisville, Detroit, Cleveland May See Nearly 20,000 More Heat-Related Deaths Each Year by 2100

Another subject we've covered a number of times, global warming increasing the number of deaths in summer heatwaves: NRDC quantifies how bad this may get over the next century. NRDC's Killer Summer Heat report breaks it down:

Looking at how many more deaths may occur in the US's top 40 cities, NRDC finds that over 150,000 more people may die due heat by 2100. Louisville, Detroit and Cleveland far and away outpace other cities, with an estimated 17,000-19,000 additional deaths annually.

Other cities with notable additional deaths due to heat, pollution, and other problems associated with increasing numbers of dangerously hot days, include: Minneapolis (7,500), Chicago (6,400), Columbus OH (6,000), Boston (5,700), and St Louis (5,600).

All of this assumes that efforts to stop greenhouse gases increasing fail, and that carbon pollution continues unchecked.

Currently there are an average of 1,300 heat-related deaths in the United States each year.

NRDC killer heat report image© NRDC

Find out how more cities far in the interactive version of the map above.

Here's the report itself: Killer Summer Heat: Projected Death Toll from Rising Temperatures in America Due to Climate Change

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