IPCC Announces Reforms To Climate Assessment Procedures - New York Times Digs In The Mud

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Following promises by the IPCC to restructure itself after several errors in the 2007 climate assessment made headlines, several changes have been enacted. Via the New York Times: A stronger review process for future climate assessments, fuller inclusion of alternative scientific views, and greater acknowledgement of scientific uncertainty and controversy. Read more at the link above for the usual reaction comments. I have to say, though, you can safely ignore the alacious language about how the IPCC has been "rocked by controversy" and how ClimateGate "badly undermined the IPCC's credibility" prior to COP15 in 2009. It is now and was then much ado about nothing--specific errors yes, but a fundamentally changed picture of climate science or a critically flawed organization, not hardly.

NYT's pushing a narrative of controversy ignoring the bigger picture of the science and ignoring the still largely unanswered questions about who hacked the CRU emails right before COP15 and who paid them to do so.

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