Video of Flooded Paris Evokes the Threat of Rising Seas

paris underwater videoArtefactoryLab/Video screen capture

A video using CGI to present Paris flooded by a meter of water may not be meant to spark a debate about climate change, but it raises serious questions about the impact of rising seas. There is a strange beauty to "5:46 am - Paris underwater", but the tone is dark. The music sounds like it was pulled from a horror film trailer and there's no one in sight (even in the early hours, there should be people around). The city is abandoned.

More than 100 miles from the Atlantic, Paris is safe from rising sea levels for the foreseeable future, but coastal cities around the world aren't as lucky. The entire population of the nation of Kiribati, in the Maldives, is relocating to Fiji as its 32 islands disappear under the water. They are not the first rising-sea refugees, either.

To put the video's version of Paris in perspective, the best case scenario for this century is a 50cm rise in global sea levels. New reports show things will likely be worse.

Rising seas not only make coastal areas uninhabitable, they compromise drinking water supplies. The use of Paris, the famously beautiful city, as the potential victim could bring attention to a climate issue that is largely ignored.

The video was directed by Olivier Campagne of Artefactory Lab and Vivien Balzi, with music by Brice Tillet.

Video of Flooded Paris Evokes the Threat of Rising Seas
A video imagines a Paris that has flooded with one meter of water. Just how unlikely is this inundated future?

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