How We Know We're Causing Global Warming (Infographic)

climate change graphic image

Image by Skeptical Science via Creative Commons

This infographic from Skeptical Science sums it all up pretty well. The graphic looks at "the many human fingerprints on climate change." The graphic details the different ways in which we're influencing the climate, and the effects those influences have on the greater system. Attached to it is a great article detailing these components.

It's hard to deny our role in a warming planet when laid out in such a simple manner.

Skeptical Science writes, "The saying goes if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, then it must be a duck. But climate skeptics are trying to convince us it's some other, undefined animal impersonating a duck that's also mysteriously hiding the real duck."

You can view the graphic in larger format on Skeptical Science.

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