How Global Warming Will Change Puerto Rico (Video)

This is a great idea. The United States Geological Survey has launched a series called 'Climate Connections', in which scientists answer questions about how global warming will impact people's lives in a specific region. The video below features residents of Puerto Rico asking about how climate change will affect their lives on the island territory, and scientists from USGS responding.


Demonstrating these local-level impacts of climate change is of the utmost importance. Reports about the melting ice caps and homeless polar bears have clearly failed to galvanize Americans to respond to the climate crisis. So the more folks learn about what's going to happen in their own backyard, the more likely they'll be to take action to mitigate and adapt to climate change at large. Case in point: Puerto Rico is an island state, and one that is exceptionally vulnerable to sea level rise and tropical storms, which are likely to become more intense as climate change progresses.

Good education is the bulk of the battle in the climate fight, in my eyes. I'd love to see more efforts in this vein.

How Global Warming Will Change Puerto Rico (Video)
In this brief, informative video, Puerto Ricans ask scientists how climate change will impact their lives.

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