How is Climate Change Impacting the World's Food Supply?

More people inhabiting this planet means a necessary increase in food supply, especially in staple grain crops. However, is it going to be possible to meet these intense demands, especially when crop yields are falling as climate change progresses? How might scientists take part in agriculture to find solutions for the dilemma? If you're curious about this (and you should be) there is an interesting interview out on Yale e360.

One of the few potential advantages attributed to soaring carbon dioxide levels has been enhanced crop growth. But in an interview with Yale Environment 360, botanist Stephen Long talks about his research showing why rising temperatures and an increase in agricultural pests may offset any future productivity gains.

This excellent interview on Yale e360 is a must read, covering exactly what the challenges are, and the potential fixes.

How is Climate Change Impacting the World's Food Supply?
Scientists may play a more important role in figuring out just how to keep crop yields up in the face of worldwide climate change.

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