How can we adapt to climate change? Ask a farmer (and a pastor, and a business person, and...)

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Whether it's news of melting glaciers or the bleaching of 93% of the Great Barrier Reef, the seemingly relentless march of climate change can be daunting. Even as we see real progress toward a future beyond fossil fuels, it's more clear than ever that an awful lot of irreversible damage has already been done.

But that doesn't mean we can't adapt.

From farmers to businesses to community leaders, there are people everywhere who are seeking to model what a future in a changed and changing climate may look like. Take this diverse group of farmers who are beginning to shift toward a more resilient form of agriculture—using cover crops, planned grazing, crop diversity and more to move away from monoculture and a dependence on fossil fuels.

This video is just one of many created by The Climate Listening Project, an on-going series of "hopeful conversations on climate and community." Coordinated by producer Dayna Reggero (below), the project is a collaboration of groups and entities including K23 Media, Dogwood Alliance, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), National Audubon Society, Forsyth Audubon, Cultivating Resilience, MountainTrue, Regeneration International, Climate Interactive, The Collider, and Accelerating Appalachia.

Here's Dayna's take on why all of this matters:

We launched in Asheville, North Carolina, toured the Southeast, went up to New York and over to Montana. We traveled to Paris for the COP21 Climate Talks; and then to Belize to follow the story of a bird that is connecting people around the world. It’s the little connectors: a bird we love, the food we eat, our faith, families, and businesses — the things we care about. We hope that the stories and videos we share can express what we’re hearing about the impacts from climate change and the hopeful, positive stories of people around the world coming together around these connectors.

Keep an eye on The Climate Listening Project. I suspect there's much more to come.

How can we adapt to climate change? Ask a farmer (and a pastor, and a business person, and...)
The Climate Listening Project is aiming to connect the dots between those facing climate change. And that would be all of us.

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