Hot enough for you? This neat graphic will tell you how hot it can get

© Andrew Sykes Group

It's a hot summer for those in western North America, a cool one in the northeast. But how hot can it get? This fun interactive graphic takes selected cities and shows the current temperature, as well as the hottest temperature ever. It's interesting to check around the world right now, perhaps it is the time of day that I am playing with it, but everywhere seems surprisingly cool.

It was sent to us by The Andrew Sykes Group, a big UK air conditioning firm, so it is in Celsius. However our Burmese, Liberian and American readers can double and add 30 for an approximate conversion or multiply by 1.8 and add 32 for more accuracy.

UPDATE They have fixed the graphic so that it shows both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Thanks to the Andrew Sykes Group!

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