Greenland Ice Sheet May Be More Resilient Than We Thought

Despite the amazing breadth of thawing of the Greenland ice sheet last month (97% of it experienced melting) and other dramatic events of glacier loss, it may yet be too soon to say that runaway melting is certain. That's the word of researchers from the University of Copenhagen, who looked at historic periods of melting of the Greenland ice sheet, Reuters reports.

What they found was that in the past thirty years the Greenland ice sheet has experienced starts and stops of melting, with periods of rapid melting, followed by a period where, though the ice sheet didn't gain ice, it didn't lose much.

Report lead author Kurt Kjaer says this observation is a break from current thinking on the subject, that once the ice sheet starts melting it will just continue melting. "It is too early to proclaim the ice sheet's future doom."

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